June gloom is the affectionate (some might say!) name given to the cloudy, damp and grey days that occur in the LA area during this month. in England, we call it weather! It makes for a perfect excuse to get out and explore the Socal coastline and the city of Santa Barbara is only a couple of hours away. Take the beautiful PCH (Pacific Coast Highway), as it winds its way through Malibu  and Ventura, passing some great spots to stop at, like El Matador and Rincon, before you reach this city full of Mediterranean and Spanish revival architecture.

The beach in Ventura still has a prettiness about it, despite the less than sunshiney weather.

After getting up at 5.30am, we arrived in Santa Barbara before 9am (after acouole of pitstops along the way, we were in no hurry)and ready for breakfast. The Californian has been almost completely reimagined, the original 1925 facade of this Spanish revival architecture  remains intact  and with stunning decor and interiors designed by Martyn Bullard, it cannot fail to impress. We chose to eat at the Goat Tree, perfect for whiling away a couple of hours. There was a great menu choice, but for us,as vegans, there wasn’t really anything . However, we were offered a tofu scramble, we have learnt to ask for off menu items and most places will accommodate.


Roadtrips call for an easy look that doesn’t get all creased and leave you feeling less than enthused about walking around and exploring places.  I was being optimistic when I chose this vintage skirt to be honest, I thought (as did the husband) it might be sunny not long after we arrived and almost wore shorts!!The jacket was a welcome addition in the slightly chilly, sea air. I employ the same kind of method to my road trip outfits as I do to my flight outfits, being that they must be a looser or stretchier fit than usual and flats, either shoes, sandals, or sneakers, are a must. A hat is a necessity if your hair tends to go a little wild in the damp and keeps you looking chic.

Clothes throughout are a mix of vintage and past season pieces from my closet. The crossbody bag which is also a belt bag is by the very talented Saveida Sethi who makes them in LA. Her website is on its way, but you can contact her through her Instagram: @saveida_handbags

After a long stroll along the beach in Santa Barbara, we decided to head down to Montecito and one of our favourite spots, the Four Seasons Biltmore Resort.  Just opposite Butterfly Beach, the patio is the perfect spot to sit and relax for an afternoon and eat! (this turned into a day of foodie delights).The staff were incredibly accommodating to our vegan diet too and we enjoyed a fabulous burger and delicious hummus platter, whilst sat by the fire pit.

This resort really makes you feel as if you are  somewhere tropical when you wander amongst the lush foliage throughout the grounds. It might have been June Gloom, but it was  a perfect day to indulge a little.



Have a great weekend and enjoy a road trip of your own, it’s fun to get out and about, even if only for a couple of hours.



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  • David Hernandez

    Santa Barbara is beautiful!


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