It’s been 11 years since I was last in New York, so last week I finally got around to going back to this amazing city. The weather had been hot and steamy there, that obviously all changed once I landed, but despite the rain, I was looking forward to rediscovering all the parts of this city that I remembered.


Roadtesting my new Samsonite “Stryde” luggage, the carry on fits perfectly on top of the square shaped large bag, making it  great for navigating  a busy airport. Got everything I needed into the large bag easily and left plenty of room for a spot of shopping!

I understand why people take a “redeye” flight from LA to NY, as after being up since 4am, I finally arrived at the Dream Hotel Downtown at 7.30pm that evening. There was already a buzzy atmosphere in the lobby bar, with a DJ spinning some tunes. The Dream is amongst a  nightlife hub, ranging from Tao at The Maritime Hotel next door, Bodega Negra, The Electric Room (in the basement of the hotel) and PHD rooftop lounge, so it is pretty busy from Thursday to Sunday.

We stayed in a king room on the 5th floor, overlooking the street. Considering all the partying going on around, the room was pretty quiet, I did hear a little noise from next door’s TV , but I think they had the volume turned up to FULL!I upgraded from a queen and the extra space is worth it. The decor is minimalist cool and with enough little tweaks and decor touches to stop it being too bland and giving it a slightly homely feel. The bathroom was spacious and had plenty of cupboard space for all my “stuff”. The standout was the bed, such a delicious cocoon to drift off to sleep in.

And a special mention goes out to the view from the window!

The pool and bar area are  an oasis amongst the city buildings, the bottom of the pool has  glass portholes visible from the lobby beneath it, so be careful!

Sneakers were a must for walking everywhere, I prefer not to take the subway, so I can take in as much of my surroundings as possible. My Saveida Sethi belt bag/ crossbody bag went everywhere with me, so good to be hands free.

(website coming soon, go to saveida_handbags on instagram for info)


Downtown New York, The Meatpacking District (where I was staying), Soho, West Village and Greenwich are a vegan food delight. Beyond Sushi, inside Chelsea Market on 9th St. was so delicious, I ate there twice in 4 days!


By Chloe (which thankfully has an outpost in LA) is a pretty little spot in Soho (there are a few locations dotted around NY). Vegan Mac’n’Cheese is perfectly filling, but I love the airbaked fries, at last, a healthy fast food.They taste so much better than their deep fried counterparts too.

Cha Cha Matcha on Broome St.make one of the best Matcha lattes I have tasted and I tried it with macadamia milk (makes it creamy, a little like oat milk does) for the first time. This  powerhouse drink is full of antioxidants, it doesn’t give you “coffee jitters”, it increases your focus and concentration and contains the amino acid L-Theanine. Anyway, enough of the lesson, just go and try one. The best news for me is that they will be opening this year in West Hollywood, so my Cha Cha matcha won’t become a distant, fond memory.

Fueled by incredible food and a good matcha, it was off to the financial district of downtown Manhattan and the World Trade Center, the WTC Cortlandt subway station is accessed  within this building and has just reopened for the first time since 9/11.

I  love the mix of modern and original architecture and lower Manhattan has it in abundance, along with almost quaint cobbled streets, I say almost because it is New York and you know, traffic is ever present.  The rain didn’t dampen my spirits and frizzy hair and wet sneakers weren’t; going to stop me from walking around and re-exploring this city.

Rain, or no rain, once the sun sets and the lights start twinkling, an air of magical wonderment descends onto a city and where better to view the cityscape than from a rooftop,  with a cocktail  in hand if thats your thing. This was the view from PHD rooftop lounge at the Dream Hotel, the perfect sight to finish my few days in NY.

Aah, an empty lobby at the Dream Hotel, perfect for taking some final pics before flying home to LA.

Hope you’ve enjoyed  my travel snapshot of New York, let me know in the comments. There was none of the usual touristy stuff, I will save that for next time.




2 thoughts to “In A New York Minute

  • Nikki

    Such a great read! I did NOT know that the pool had portholes to the bottom😁. I can’t wait to be reunited with the big Apple again. Xo

    • admin

      I know, I could see peoples little feet, makes you wary of what you wear in the pool!


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