Birthdays have always been special to me, it’s the day we make our entrance in the world and is a reason to celebrate no matter your age and after turning 52 on the 7th August, I feel there is no need to ever stop celebrating. I am learning to be stronger and remove toxic and negative energy from my life and not make apologies for it, once I decided I deserved to be happy,  it   allowed some amazing positive energy in and this includes situations that have arisen, as well as the people that are in my life, some I’ve reconnected with from my younger years and some are wonderful new friendships that both myself and my husband have formed since moving to the US. I also like to give my self  a new challenge to greet a whole new year and this time it was instigated by a relatively new, but good friend, who suggested I run the Pasadena half marathon with her in January 2019, I laughed, but shook on it, so there’s no going back!!

Anyway, as anyone knows, a good birthday celebration starts a few days before the actual day, so after a weekend of fun and frivolities with friends here in LA,  a chilled trip to Palm Springs was the perfect antidote for a Tuesday birthday. Temperatures can get up to 115-120 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, so a relaxed stay at The Horizon Hotel, organized by my amazing husband was the best gift a girl could ask for, this over 21 mid century resort has just the kind of laidback vibe I love to experience  when we visit Palm  Springs.

The Horizon Hotel has an impressive, yet at the same time, discreet entrance, the  beautiful doors a portal into a resort, which  is only accessible to registered guests, so nobody will be interrupting your poolside siesta. This resort was designed and built in 1952 by architect William.F.Cody as a private retreat  and was subsequently reimagined by designer Steve Hermann.

There are 25 bungalows set amongst 3 acres and you do get the sense of being in your own private getaway, the decor, whilst a mix of mid  century design with modern sensibilities,  is still sympathetic to the original building, with  and the gold accents add that luxe touch, with Le Labo amenities in the compact, but aesthetically pleasing bathroom.

Even though the bungalows are quite close to one another, you have a wonderful sense of space and privacy, there are floor to ceiling windows and slump stone walls to blend that desert inside outside feel.This was definitely a very well thought out design and probably why the myriad of celebrities  and luminaries ranging from Marilyn Monroe to Ronald Reagan used to love to visit.  once inside this retreat like space, you do feel a million miles away from anywhere and it’s a truly relaxing experience.

There is. nothing like a desert sunset, the colours are a symphony of pinks and oranges, the best idea is to grab a drink and settle in to watch the show from the fire pit and yes the fire was lit in the 100 degree evening heat! You know, an atmosphere needs to be created, just don’t sit too close.

Dress by Reformation –

Sandals by Alumnae from Barneys Warehouse –


The bar is set amongst the grounds and overlooks the pool area and is a welcome oasis during the hot, sunny days, the staff are pretty fabulous too. There is a restaurant, SO.PA,but whilst you can order from the menu and have it poolside, or as room service, the restaurant itself is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays in the hot summer months.

There is a network of pathways around the property and as they say in Palm Springs, “all roads lead to the pool”! ( well, they might!) There are plenty of loungers and the cabanas and daybeds are on a first come, first served basis, which is refreshing when other luxury hotels are charging, sometimes even for a lounger. There is also a spa located across from the pool in a secluded area with the same inside outside aesthetic. 

As the sun set on another gorgeous desert day, it was time for me to put on my Birthday Suit! Not quite the Emperors new clothes, instead a favourite  top by Paul Smith worn with a new silk skirt and vintage Versace heels.

Silk Skirt –

As the night fell on my 52nd birthday, I was incredibly grateful that I got to spend it at this mid century paradise and can’t thank the staff enough for making my stay absolutely perfect. Until the next time.Why not check out this beautiful  hotel and grab your slice of Palm Springs heaven.

Happy Friday.


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