Time to be a Knitwit
travel and the dress knit feature

Living in LA,November can still find you at the beach wearing shorts and sandals, BUT, the temperature drops quickly once the low winter sun goes down and a cool and cosy knit is in order. The hugely oversized knits I used to favour in my 20’s and 30’s have given way to a sleeker and more chic look, a sweater that can double duty for the evening and go glam for day or night is […]

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Shorts Weather

Summer is fast approaching and it’s time to find a flattering, easy to wear pair of shorts. When I was younger, it was any style goes, but there is a fine line to be drawn now I am older. I know some women think that their short wearing days are well and truly over, BUT, it’s not true! i certainly don’t see being the age I am now a barrier to certain styles. There is […]

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In The Pink Of It

Pink with Red, Pink with Orange, Pink with Black, Pink with Navy. there isn’t a colour out there that doesn’t benefit from being enhanced with a touch of pink, even pink on pink. There is so much of this pretty colour around this season, BUT don’t think it’s a one hit wonder, pink is a favourite colour for ANY season and somehow always looks fresh. Stronger shades look better as we age, pastel tones can […]

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