As we age, so do our teeth and they can lose their sparkly white, youthful lustre. Add to this, years of drinking coffee or red wine, for example and you may not be happy about grinning and bearing it for the camera anymore! 
There are a myriad of over the counter options that all promise you the white teeth of your dreams and whilst some do work moderately well, they just can’t compete with the expensive professional whitening that a dentist can offer and can, more often than not, end up costing you more in the long run. That is, until I discovered Smile Brilliant.  

This at home teeth whitening system is a game changer and is backed by science too. The great thing is you get to choose whether you get a non sensitive or sensitive kit and what level of whitening your require. 
Each system comes with catalyst and base pastes to make your impressions, teeth whitening gel and desensitizing gel. The first step is to make the teeth impressions, this takes no time at all and is pretty fuss free. Once ready, I sent them back to the lab, where dental technicians hand crafted my very own custom fitted whitening trays. Once I received them (took around 5 days*), I was more than ready to restore my smile back to its former glory. 
A quick brush of my teeth with water was all that was needed to get started. I applied a thin ribbon of gel to the trays and after drying my teeth (weird, I know, but it helps), I inserted the trays.

Once the trays are in, you can barely notice them, they fit snugly against your own teeth.  It is best to try and whiten before bed, so as to not increase chances of further staining and allows the teeth to naturally hydrate and remineralize.

The first time I used the teeth whitening kit, I left the trays in for 45 minutes, you can leave them in for up to 3 hours each time, but its better to test out your sensitivity the first time you use it. The trays were comfortable to wear and I could continue my usual routine without any hindrance, great for someone who is on the go and always busy. 
After whitening, I cleaned my teeth and used the desensitizing gel, leaving the trays in for around 15-20 minutes. 
I could notice the difference in whiteness after just one application, so was really excited to see the results after 12 days!


After the 12 days, I was so impressed with my results and I still have enough left for another 4 days of whitening! Definitely a convert to this vegan and cruelty free way to a kilowatt smile. Thanks to Smile Brilliant, I can SMILE FEARLESSLY!


And thats not all! For a chance to win $149.00 credit towards your very own system ( systems start at just $139.00 for an at home whitening that works as well as any dentist whitening ), just click on this link and simply enter your name and email, it’s that easy!Even if you don’t win, you can still claim 10% discount by entering my code: TRAVELANDTHEDRESS, at checkout.

Please note, this giveaway is open to USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Good Luck and here’s to getting  your own FEARLESS SMILE.

Max xP

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