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One of my favourite phrases is “ Age is an attitude ” and after turning 50 in August 2016, I decided to start getting really serious about my style and travel blog and make my dream of becoming a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant come true. I aim to bring a bit of British edge to the US style. Shopping for new clothes, or just knowing how to rework an old classic can be overwhelming and I want to help make that experience easier and fun! I want women of my generation to feel confident in their style, whilst keeping their look fresh, modern and current. This is about keeping your style youthful, but not young. Thanks for visiting!


Personal Shopper/Stylist
Choosing the style that works and suits your look and needs to enhance your self confidence in life.
Closet Organiser
Using years of style and fashion development to fine tune your closet to keep you looking your best.
Style & Travel Blogger
Travel & the dress focus's on style and travel from unique pockets around the world.



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